• Christ the meat in open wedges; Christ the veins drained into rivers

  • Little feet child, bluish cold, How can they see and do not cover, my God!

  • The farmer is the first man in any agricultural country; first by their numbers, their moral health

  • I dazed I see
    what I see or guess
    what I want and what I find


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The Sister Gabriela Mistral Franciscan Fund is a nonprofit organization dependent upon the Franciscan Order of Chile, the trustee of the poet’s legacy. Royalties owed to Gabriela Mistral’s estate will be received, managed and distributed by the Franciscan Sister Gabriela Mistral Fund according to the last will and testament of the poet.

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    Subjects of San Francisco

    Subjects of San Francisco. Franciscan Province of the Most Holy Trinity, Chile. 2009

    Gabriela Mistral,

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27 de Febrero 2015 , Festival de Viña del Mar, Quinta Región

Tribute to Chilean Poets in the overture of Viña 2015

Como todos los años el Festival de la canción de Viña del Mar realiza un obertura para realzar el certamen.

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